Confession. I don’t like winter. I never had. I hate being cold.  But I’m also the first to say “Suck it up Buttercup” to this who complain about the cold. Ummm we DO live in Canada after all. But after this January, I’m starting to agree with some of those complainers.

Yes the snow is beautiful until it takes you 3 hours to shovel your driveway. Yes the kids love playing in it, but when it feels like -40C and they only stay out for a short time it makes me wonder if it’s worth the time it takes to get them ready. Yes it’s great for the skiers. I don’t ski, although others have a good laugh when I attempt it.

If the temperatures could warm up a bit, I really wouldn’t complain. Better yet, bring on spring and summer Mother Nature. And no you don’t need to remind me of this weather in the middle of July. I LOVE the hot, humid weather and rarely complain about the heat.

But for now I think I’ll go back to snuggling under my 3 blankets and drinking my hot tea.


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