Superbowl Sunday

It’s Superbowl Sunday.  I don’t even know who’s playing – Seattle maybe???.  I’m not a football fan.  I understand the basics of the game, but don’t really “get it”.  Give me hockey or baseball any day.  Now, that’s not to say that I haven’t attended Superbowl parties.  I have – my extended family used to get together.  Some would watch the whole game, some would play cards, but you can guarantee we were all in front of the TV for the Halftime show.  We also got together with friends and co-workers a few times.

For us now it means “dirty dinner”, having the game on in the background (but not really watching), but still trying to watch the halftime show.  and because we are in Canada, we don’t get as many of the “big” Superbowl ads that those in the United States do.  So hubby is heading out shortly to buy the fixin’s for our “dirty dinner” – cheese sticks, nachos, fries, chicken finger, chicken wings, mushroom caps, you get the idea.

I do find it interesting though that this seems to be the only sport where there are so many parties involved, and so many people attend whether they watch the game or not.  You don’t hear about as many big parties for the World Series or the Stanley Cup (well unless it goes to game 7 and its on a weekend), or the Master’s in golf, or the US Open for tennis, or the Daytona 500 (unless you’re in my family).  In some respects it’s too bad that this doesn’t happen with more sports.  Many of us go the the party for the socail aspect of it rather than actually watching the game.  Maybe I’ll start a new tradition.  Spring training party anyone???


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