Olympic Fever

Have you been caught up by Olympic Fever?  I can’t say that I have although I do have my sports that I like to watch.

Hockey for instance.  Canada wasn’t even playing early Saturday morning – we were watching Russia and someone (can’t remember who).  Anyways the game was tied with minutes left in the 3rd period, when we heard a noise – my mom had fallen down a few of our stairs.  After making sure she was ok, giving her an ice pack and some Advil, I ran back upstairs to the hockey game.  Yep left my injured mom with the kids and I ran back up to the game.  Nice, eh?  For anyone who saw any of the Canada vs Latvia quarterfinal game saw quite the game.  Now of course I’d like Canada to win, but that Latvian goalie played an AMAZING game.  Over 50 shots on goal and they only scored twice?!?!?!?

Figure Skating.  I used to watch this more often, but now just seem to catch it at the Olympics.  And of course it’s always filled with such controversy.  Even after the scoring system was supposed to be “fixed” for the better a few years ago, there was still speculation of so called “block” voting particularly in the ice dance competition.  I always enjoy watching the ice dancers – I can’t dance anything like that on a regular floor surface.  If you put skates on me, I’d be flat on my @$$ in about 30 seconds.

Skiing – any of the downhill events I might actually be able to do because there’s the big fence at the end of the run to “stop” you.  That’s my problem while skiing, I can’t stop at the bottom of the hill.  It’s pretty funny actually.

And then there’s some of those “crazy” events.  Seriously – who ever decided that going down a sheet of ice on a a toboggan, head first at over 100KM/H was a good idea?  That’s probably why they named it Skeleton right because that’s probably what you’ll look like when You’re done.  It is fun to watch though.

So – I have a question for you (and I have totally stolen this form someone else)…  If you could participate in the Olympics, what sport would you compete in?


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