I’m sure we’ve all seen this floating around FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc over the past few weeks.  And while I think that creating awareness about breast cancer is fantastic, I have to ask, is there anyone who hasn’t heard of breast cancer?  Breast cancer seems to be one of the most “supported” cancers out there – October is Breast cancer Awareness month and there are so are many runs in support of Breast Cancer throughout the whole year.

Back to the campaign though, I’ve seen many people post their #nomakeupselfie and ask what it has to do whith breast cancer, or not really now why they’ve been “nominated” to post one of their own.  Is society so vain now, that by sharing a photo of yourself with no make up is considered to be vulnerable?

But what about the other cancers out there?  Or all of the other lesser known diseases?  My family was affected by 2 lesser supported cancers – thyroid and lung.  Thyroid cancer seems to be supported less mostly because it’s one of the more “cureable” cancers.  And lung cancer comes with the stigma that you deserved it or could have prevented it.

When I was nominated for the #nomakeupselfie, I have to admit I had mixed feelings.  First of all I don’t wear makeup, so for me it seemed kind of silly.  Second, I was (am?) one of those skeptics who wonder what this really has to do with support breast cancer.  And third (as you may gather from this post), I wonder why campaigns like this aren’t done for lesser known/supported diseases.  (And yes, maybe I should start one).

I did post and share my #nomakeupselfie, but chose NOT to nominate any of my friends.  I instead challenged anyone who read the post to make a donation to a charity of their choice.  As I mentioned above, my family was affected by cancer – 2 family members were diagnosed within months of each other.  So I know what it’s like to have to deal with the shock of that, having to watch them go through treatments, have to stop working, etc.  There are SO many great organizations that we can support that help family members deal with the diseases as well.


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