Official start to Summer!

This weekend in Canada we celebrate Victoria Day.  Or as many of us like to refer to it the start of summer.  Although I often wonder why we call it the start of summer.  It is almost always a crappy weekend – cold, rain or snow are not uncommon.  Although we have had a few beautiful ones as well.  Many people choose to go camping this weekend (again I wonder why), open up cottages, pools, put boats in the water, finish gardening, etc.  Maybe it’s because we are sick of winter and can’t wait for summer that we crave to start it all this weekend.

This weekend has not been the “beautiful” weekend that I had hoped for (at least not here in Southwestern Ontario), but it hasn’t been a horrid weekend either.  Yesterday was definitely on the cool side (and I really did feel for those brave campers), and while today has been warmer, I don’t think I’d want to be outside camping today wither.

For our family we chose NOT to go camping (we’d prefer to wait for some guaranteed warmer weather), we don’t have a cottage or pool to open up, no boat, and I couldn’t garden to save my life.  So we enjoyed our weekend with some family – my in laws came to town.  The kids enjoyed playing outside (although I really don’t know how there weren’t cold out there in shorts and t-shirts when it was only 12C), we celebrated my mom in laws birthday, and if we’re lucky my husband will mow the lawn dandelions tomorrow.  and we enjoyed some neighbors letting off fireworks last night.

To all to are celebrating Victoria Day/the May long weekend/ May 2-4 this weekend, I hope that you have had a great one, and that you’ve had safe travels.

To my friends south of the boarder, I wish you the same when you celebrate Memorial Day weekend next weekend.


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