Hanky Panky

One of the things that I wanted to do on this blog is review products.  Most times it will be products I LOVE, but I’m sure on occasion there will be products I don’t like as well.

The first review is one of my favourite products form Hanky Panky.  So what is Hanky Panky?  Hanky Panky is a proudly all Canadian, all female owned and operated, Adult Home Party Company!  I hosted a party back in January.  My friend Tara came over and showed us all the fun things in the catalogue.  If you’ve never been to one of these types of parties, you should host one.  They are always a blast because everyone seems to turn into a 13 year old and laugh and giggle at EVERYTHING!!!!

So the item that I want to tell you about today is the Nipple Nibblers.  Now I know what you might be thinking, “I really don’t want to hear what she has to say about this”.  But don’t worry, it’s not as bad as you’re thinking.  This is SERIOUSLY the BEST lip balm I have ever used!!!!  Yep that’s what I use it for – my lips.  They always get so dry and cracked, especially in the winter, and usually the only thing that relieves them is Vaseline.  Not now.  Now I’ve got my Nibblers.  I personally picked up the Butercream Flavour – yumm.  But it also comes in Raspberry, Strawberry and Watermelon.  It does have some menthol in it, so it does leave your lips a little tingly, but it doesn’t last long.  Now when you go on-line and read the description and reviews, there are of course other suggestions for this product (rather than just my G-rated one), so I’m sure that you will find a way to love the Nibblers too.

As I mentioned, I did host a party for Tara back in the winter, so I’ll have other reviews of some of the other products I purchased too.  Be sure to check back to see what else I have to talk about.

If you thikng you’d like to try one of those, or want to see what else Hanky Panky has to offer, be sure to check out Tara’s Facebook page and contact her.


**The product that I review I purchased myself.  I have not received any monetary gains from either Hanky Panky the company or from the independent consultant who i purchsed the items through.**



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