A New Year …..

Many of us look at the new year as a new beginning. A time to make resolutions about so many things. And if you’re being honest with yourself how many of those resolutions have you kept for the entire year? Like many others I made resolutions for 2014 and while I don’t remember now what they were I’m sure they had something to do with losing weight and being financially “healthier”. Let me tell you those things didn’t happen the way I probably expected.

So for this New Years I thought I’d take a minute and reflect on what I did accomplish in 2014, and set some personal “expectations” for 2015.

A look back at 2014 …..
If I remember correctly I started 2014 tired. Tired of my job, tired of the way I looked, tired of being just tired. Who knew that tired would take on a whole new meaning just a few months later. Lol.
One of the early things I did in 2014 was head to Toronto for Scentsy’s Spring Sprint. It’s like a mini convention for their consultants. As usual I stayed 2 nights with a great bunch of girls and laughed more than I have laughed in a long time. I may not see those ladies often as we live all over Ontario, but we always have a good time when we’re together.
April 1st we got our parents good with an April Fools joke. We took an old ultrasound picture of one of our kids and sent it to them telling them that we were expecting. How were we to know that the joke would actually be true? I guess there’s a reason that they didn’t exactly beleive us when we told them we really were pregnant at Easter. This pregnancy was by far the one I enjoyed the least. I was crabby, tired, HOT, and just plain miserable through most of it. I think my hubby and kids deserve some sort of medal for putting up with me through it.
I was fortunate to travel this year. I went to St Louis with that same group of girls from Toronto. We drove to visit family in Northern Ontario. We took our kids on their first “real” vacation (ie not to our parents house) – it was only one night in a hotel but they had a blast and LOVED Legoland. And hubby and I were able to travel to Nova Scotia for a long weekend.
Not to mention all the great time I was able to spend with my kids and husband. While they may drive me batty sometimes, they also give me the most laughs and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Just 2.5 short weeks ago we welcomed our newest family member.

So what’s up for 2015?
This year I want to continue to spend as much time as possible with my family. Life is short and I want to make some great memories with my kids and hubby.
Now that our little man has arrived I want to get back to running. I’m already planning which races I want to complete this year. And I’m still aiming to complete 40 races by the time I turn 40.
I want to continue to try to be a good example for my kids – eating healthier, being active, enjoying life.
I seriously want to figure out my next step in life. I think it’s time for a career change. And while part of me is scared $*!&less to admit that, I also don’t really know what I want to do.
I want to try to set aside some dedicated “me” time a few times a month if not once a week.
But mostly for 2015 I want to continue to enjoy life and try not to sweat the small stuff.

I hope that all of you have a fantastic 2015 and that your dreams come true.


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