7 Weeks

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 weeks since our little man made his very quick arrival to our family. So many things have been different with this pregnancy and baby, but the biggest one I think has been my post baby weight loss.

I’m not a small person. I grow big babies. I have never had the cute basket ball belly. So I’m not one who only gains a few pounds during pregnancy.

Here’s me looking not impressed at all at 37 weeks.


I gained 45 pounds with this little guy, but am excited that I only have 12 left to loose. This is me in my normal "workout wear". Thought it would be easier for before and after pictures later.


So I’ve started tracking my food again on my FitBit app. I’m in the process of trying to order myself a new FitBit. I started using the Wii Fit game again – I’m still sore from the few exercises I did Sunday night. I think I forgot that I really do have ab muscles in there somewhere. And I’m planning on heading back to the gym this week. I need to get back to running again as I’m considering running a half marathon this fall.

My short term goal is to get back to my pre pregnancy weight by the end of April. I’m a firm believer of 9 months on, 9 months off but am really hoping that I’ll be able to do this with only 12 pounds. If you are a FitBit user, be sure to add me as a friend if you’re looking for some friendly competition. 😃


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