So Much to Do, So Little Time

Are you like me – all these plans but know it’s not possible to finish them in the time frame you’ve given yourself? And it’s not just better time management that would help, there really just are not enough hours available?

That’s me this weekend. Between the usual routine (laundry, house cleaning and spending time as a family), I’ve also included getting my business updated for the new catalogue season, deliveries for my business, dropping of basket parties and fundraising packages for my business, doing some special secret birthday prep (we have 60th and 65th birthdays happening in our family in 2 weeks), wanting to go to the gym, and desperately needing to find a massage therapist, I feel like I’m running out of time. Oh – and our son has a birthday party to attend.

I have prioritized, and I know what won’t get done, uh I mean what will be postponed. It’s times like this that I really am thankful that I’m able to work from home. Whatever doesn’t get done this weekend can be pushed to Monday.


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