Maybe it was all the cold weather. Maybe it was the fact that there was still too much snow to go out for a decent walk. Maybe it was just the fact that it’s been months since I’ve slept through the night. Whatever it was, the Facebook posts were starting to bug me. And it wasn’t the “I’m sick of winter posts”, it was all the negativity and complaining. Whether it was about someone’s husband, wife, kids, job, kids teachers, etc I’d had enough. It seemed like all I was seeing in my news feed was negativity which in turn was making me more grumpy.  So I decided I was going to do something. 

I challenged myself to find something that made me smile every day for 30 days. Notice I said made me smile, not made me happy. That’s because I truly believe that you can be having the crappiest day and still find something to make you smile. Here’s an example – 12 years ago when my dad was in the hospital for the last time, I spent the week in his room with my mom and brother. We’d spend the days not saying much just sitting and reflecting and wondering if today was going to be the day. My husband was working in his Masters Degree and it was exam time, so he would join us when he could, but he was still trying to complete his school work. Every night for that week my husband and I would leave the hospital at 10 or 11, walk in the cold to our car, wondering the whole time if this was the night we’d get the middle of the night phone call to come say our last good byes.  As soon as we got in the car we’d crank the heat and the tunes and we’d sing at the top of our lungs the whole way home. That part of the day for that week always put a smile on my face.  And if you’ve ever heard hubby and I sing you’ll know why.  So I was able to find ways to smile that week, but it certainly wasn’t a happy time. 

I’ve spent the past 20 days posting things that have made me smile on my FaceBook page.  Take a peek and see what I’ve posted.  I still have 10 days to go. I challenge you to find one thing each day for 30 days that makes you smile. 


One thought on “#30daysofsmiles

  1. Janet MacIsaac says:

    That’s beautiful Heather. I’m glad you shared your story. Your Dad would love that you could find smiles through those difficult days. I can’t say I smiled everyday during that time but I sure do most days now. My best smiles are brought on by you, Cameron, and the little loves of my life that you two have given me. I would say that I experience several smiles everyday these days. Thank you!!

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