Back to Childhood

There’s a new “craze” that’s taking the world by storm.  Colouring.  Yes, clolouring.  Specifically colouring for adults.  I have to admit that this was something I’ve always enjoyed.  I love sitting and colouring with the kids.  It was one of the things I enjoyed most at work – I’m an Early Childhood Educator.  This has EXPLODED over the past few months though.  You can find adult colouring books almost every where – Chapters, Michael’s, Amazon and more.

So why is this becoming such a “thing” lately?  Many people are colouring to reduce stress, anxiety, help with PTSD and more.  Not to mention that it’s relatively cheap to start this hobby.  You can grab a pack of basic pencil crayons at the dollar store and there are free printables ALL over the place.  I’ve even started a Pinterest Board for them.  Facebook has a bunch of groups as well.  Many of these groups also offer free printables. If you are looking for a group to join, be sure to check this one out – even if you’re not local, all are welcome.

I challenge you to find a page this week to print out and colour.  Make yourself find the time – even only 15 minutes one day and sit and colour.  See if it helps relax you at all.  🙂


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