Back to School

September always feels like the New Year for me.  Maybe it’s the earlychildhood educator in me who gets excited about the new pencil crayons, or the new markers, the new pens, etc.  This seems to be the time when I make my “resolutions” and this year has been no different.  Though I don’t think I’ll actually call them resolutions, its more like a very long to-do list.  My son started grade 3 last week, and my daughter started Senior Kindergarten yesterday.  In theory I should have started that to-do list.  Instead I did a few “normal” house chores and spent time with the baby.

I have to admit that while the baby was sleeping yesterday I felt kind of lost.  I had that list of things I wanted to do, but I didn’t have anyone asking to play barbies with them,or telling me EVERYTHING about Star Wars.  Even the baby was missing his brother and sister.  When I picked him up after his nap he started at the bedroom door in anticipation.  His siblings ALWAYS run up the stairs to see him after his nap.  He looked a little sad and confused when he realized they weren’t coming to greet him.

So as we begin to settle into a new routine, I hope to actually be able to accomplish those things that I want.  I’ve told hubby that I’m going to work on getting my crafting area cleaned up so I can get back to crafting at least one night per week.  I’m getting Scentsy parties booked again.  I’m trying to get better organized with dinner menus – thank you Pinterest and Velata.  I have a night scheduled to set up to blog.  If I could just find the right time to get my exercising in.  😉


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