Feeling Thankful Day 2

Today I am thankful for our parents.  They helped shape us into who we are.  They helped show us right from wrong.  They let us stumble and find our own way at times.  They supported us when we moved 6 hours away while pregnant with their first grandchild.  They were “on-call” and still 6 hours away while I was pregnant with their second grandchild.  And again they were “on-call” though a little closer at only 2 hours away when I was pregnant with our third child.

They have helped us paint.  Helped us clean.  Helped us move.  Helped us build furniture.

They have cooked for us.  Done laundry for us.  Vacuumed for us.  Cleaned bathrooms for us.

They really are an amazing group of people.  And even thought we don’t live in the same city, I don’t know what we’d do without their support.


I’m Sad

This week many of my friends are heading off to Las Vegas and I’m not with them. They’re going because it’s Scentsy Reunion. I was fortunate to attend the past 2 years when it was in Indianapolis and St. Louis, but it’s just not in the cards for me this year.  Here are my roomies and I in St Louis last year. 

Not only am I missing out on seeing all the new products first hand, but I’m also missing out on hanging out with some AMAZING friends. Some of these friends I only see once or twice a year. 

I feel bad for my kids. Even though I’m home with them I’ll be stuck to my phone waiting for all the incredible announcements.  And my kids will probably get frustrated with me because I’m not spending as much time with them. 

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Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation. 

This wasn’t a planned post, and it’s really more of a rant about one of my pet peeves. 

What has happened to basic grammar and spelling rules?  I understand that when you’re texting a friend you might use gr8 as a response. But on a business page?  Really?  Unless you’re trying to make a point (which they didn’t seem to be.)

This is the one that drove me over the edge tonight. I was scrolling through one of my support/networking groups for my business and the person asked what we would do if a customer “wanna” pay by cc.  WANNA?  Really?  Well I don’t wanna answer your question because I don’t like the word wanna.  And don’t even get me started on the their, there, they’re fiasco. 😳

And punctuation!!!  I recently read an email with no punctuation at all. No periods. No commas. No capitalized letters. Nothing. 

Now those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. (Or something like that). And I’m the first one to admit that my grammar at times is horrible.  And yes I’ve made posts with spelling mistakes. If I see it, I go back and correct it. But some of these basic spelling errors are no better than my son’s attempts at spelling some words. Did I mention that he’s in second grade and spells most of his words phonetically?

Maybe this doesn’t bother others as much as it does me. Maybe it’s just a sign that I’m getting old.  Please tell me I’m not the only one bothered by this. Please. 😉

Ontario’s New Sex-Ed Curriculum

The new guidelines for Ontario’s Sex-Ed Curriculum were released this week. And of course with it – controversy. I understand some parents frustration and concern with it, I’m content with it. Do I really want to think about my son learning about puberty in the classroom in 2 years. Probably not. But my parents had already had “the talk” with me by the time I was that age. And puberty is happening soooo much earlier now, that to me it makes sense.

The “highlights” from it seem to be the following: 

Grade 1- learning the names of body parts. Well in our house we’ve done that since they were born. 

 Grade 3 – discussing healthy relationships which could lead to gender identity and sexual orientation. We’ve discussed this briefly in our house too. Our 4 year old knows that she can marry a boy or a girl. How many teen suicides could have been prevented if gender identity and sexual orientation had been discussed more openly? And discussing healthy relationships – AWESOME. There’s been too much crap in the news about domestic violence – especially involving “role models” such as professional sports players. Now, on the flip side of that discussion I can understand how it could be difficult for a child who has witnessed domestic violence to be learning about it in the classroom.


rade 4: puberty and bullying. I already touched on the puberty part and as for bullying, this is such a hot topic right now that any discussion at any age is a good one. 

 Grade 5: Alcohol and the reproductive system.  I remember having these in grade 6 so I really don’t think that bumping it up by a year is that big of a difference. And there are some kids out there who are being sexually active by grade 6. 

Yes I believe that parents should still be the ones to start the discussion with their children. But if parents aren’t going to do it (or do it early enough) then they should be taught these things rather than learning them from their friends or the Internet.  The other reason that I dint have an issue with the changes is this: kids don’t always want to listen to their parents, but sometimes hearing it in a classroom setting (especially if they have a teacher they respect or connect with) means they will actually listen and hear what is being said. 

I hope that when my children decide to make those decisions, regardless of their age, thatcher are making well informed decisions based on correct information given by an adult.  I don’t want them to be getting incorrect information from their friends or the Internet. 

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Are you like me – all these plans but know it’s not possible to finish them in the time frame you’ve given yourself? And it’s not just better time management that would help, there really just are not enough hours available?

That’s me this weekend. Between the usual routine (laundry, house cleaning and spending time as a family), I’ve also included getting my business updated for the new catalogue season, deliveries for my business, dropping of basket parties and fundraising packages for my business, doing some special secret birthday prep (we have 60th and 65th birthdays happening in our family in 2 weeks), wanting to go to the gym, and desperately needing to find a massage therapist, I feel like I’m running out of time. Oh – and our son has a birthday party to attend.

I have prioritized, and I know what won’t get done, uh I mean what will be postponed. It’s times like this that I really am thankful that I’m able to work from home. Whatever doesn’t get done this weekend can be pushed to Monday.

Confession Time….

Since I named this blog Confessions of a Canadian mom, I thought I should write an actual confession.

Today was my first day totally alone with my new little man. Hubby was back to work. Older 2 kids are back to school. Grandparents have gone home. And I had plans for today.

I was going to go for a walk after I dropped the kids at school.
I was going to do laundry.
I was going to clean the kitchen. Not just empty and reload the dishwasher, but give it a good thorough cleaning and even clean the fridge – it’s garbage night so it seemed like a good time.

I didn’t do any of those things.

So what did I do?
Snuggled with my little man.
Played on the floor with him. Ok – he’s 3 weeks old, so I layed on the floor beside him and tried to get him yo look at me and made funny sounds.
I watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

Best of all, I didn’t feel guilty about any of it. The laundry will still be there later. It was too fricken cold to go for a walk this morning (my face hurt by the time I got back to the car from dropping the kids off today). And if my other 2 children have taught me anything it’s that they really do grow too quickly. So you better get all those snuggles in while you can and while they still want to.


So there’s this thing going around called 100 days of happy.  I’m sure many of you have heard about it, are doing it, or have friends who are doing it.  I decided to jump on the band wagon too.  Who doesn’t like being happy right?  for me this will be an added challenge though.  I LOVE my kids – and they truly are a big part of my happiness every day, but I have yet to post a photo of them that shows their face on any kind of social media.  So the big challenge for me will be to either take pictures without them, or to try to convey my happiness with them WITHOUT showing their face. 

I’m having a great time seeing what some of my friends are sharing.  It’s a great way to keep up with others, and see what little things in the everyday makes them happy.  Be sure to follow me on instagram (hmpoohbear), and see what makes me happy.


Here’s my happy photo from my first day – Scentsy’s Clover the Cow.Image