Feeling Thankful Day 5

Today I’m thankful for my life.  My husband as I mentioned earlier this week.  My kids.  Our parents.  Our families.  Our friends.  And all the little things that sometimes I think we take for granted.

  • Tripping over my kids toys.  It means that we have enough to give them some of the things they want.
  • Being warm while I sleep.  It means that we have not only a roof over our head, but we have heat in the house too.
  • My extra 10 pounds.  Ok 30 if I’m being honest.  It means that we don’t have to wonder where our next meal is coming from.
  • Living in Canada.  It means that I can take my kids to the doctor when they’re sick and not have to worry about how much it’s going to cost.  It means that I get to have my own ideas, and thoughts and DON’T have to agree with everyone else.  It means that I will be able to support my children in almost anything they choose to do with their life.

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving with family, by yourself or not at all, I challenge you to find one thing each day this weekend that you are truly thankful for.


Feeling Thankful Day 4

Today I am thankful for my friends.

We moved from “home” almost 9 years ago.  In that time we have met many people.  Some have become some amazing friends.  We’ve been able to keep in touch with some from before we moved.  Most of all, we’ve discovered how incredible some of our friendships really are.  We have some friends who we only see every 12-18 months, but we are able to pick up just like we saw each other last week.

Feeling Thankful Day 3

Today I am thankful for my husband.  And I promise not to get too sappy.  😉

He is an AMAZING man who is so determined in everything he does.  He works his ass off so that I am able to stay home with our children.  And even though that may mean late nights, or occasionally being called out to work in the middle of the night, he is always there to help out with the kids in the morning.  He makes their lunches, helps them with breakfast if needed, and attempts to keep the baby away from the cat while doing those chores.

He’s put up with me for the past 12 years, and the 4 years we dated before that.  That may not seem like much, but we’ve had many things to deal with along the way.  He was brave enough to move a pregnant woman to Ottawa in the middle of a deep-freeze in January.  Seriously – it felt like -45C the day our movers unloaded us.  He put up with me for 3 pregnancies.  And he doesn’t complain when he gets home form work and his stay at home wife doesn’t have the house perfectly cleaned or dinner quite on the table yet.

He still makes me laugh every single day.  And when he’s gone away for work for a few days I can’t wait to see him again when he get’s home.

Feeling Thankful Day 2

Today I am thankful for our parents.  They helped shape us into who we are.  They helped show us right from wrong.  They let us stumble and find our own way at times.  They supported us when we moved 6 hours away while pregnant with their first grandchild.  They were “on-call” and still 6 hours away while I was pregnant with their second grandchild.  And again they were “on-call” though a little closer at only 2 hours away when I was pregnant with our third child.

They have helped us paint.  Helped us clean.  Helped us move.  Helped us build furniture.

They have cooked for us.  Done laundry for us.  Vacuumed for us.  Cleaned bathrooms for us.

They really are an amazing group of people.  And even thought we don’t live in the same city, I don’t know what we’d do without their support.

Feeling Thankful Day 1

I thought I’d do a little something different this week. It’s Thanksgiving this weekend, so I thought I’d share one thing I’m thankful for each day this week.

Today is World Teacher Day. Today I am thankful for all the amazing men and women who choose this as their profession. As someone who considered this career, but went in a different direction (though still working with children), I know how challenging and rewarding their days can be.

I was fortunate to have incredible teachers during my schooling career. Even the ones I didn’t enjoy as much as others helped me learn things – like patience and learning to work with in situations that aren’t your favourite. Both great lessons for later in life when out in the “working world”.

I’m thankful that my children have had INCREDIBLE teachers so far. These men and women have kept my children safe and happy, and introduced them to soooo many fun and exciting things while they are away from me. I LOVE that my kids can’t wait to tell me about their days and all the fun stuff they’ve done – nature walks at the pond beside their school, watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, watching tadpoles turn into frogs, the fun they’ve had at the House-league days, how fast they ran while practicing for cross country and so much more.

We are only a month into this school year, but I can’t wait to see what stories they will come home with this year.

Slow and Steady Finishes the Race

This past Sunday I ran jogged and walked the World Alzheimer’s Day Run for Heroes 10K.  This is the second time I’ve completed this event and sadly it will be the last as the organizers announced that they will not be able to continue this next year.  This race takes place in Amherstburg, Ontario and takes you along the Detroit River, through Fort Malden and through the town.

I’m not the fastest person out there.  Not even close to being the fastest person.  I don’t really consider myself a runner.  Yet I still compete.  I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment when I’m done.  I LOVE that I’m showing my kids how to be active (even if they weren’t at the even with me).  I LOVE that I can support a great cause that’s close to my heart – Alzheimer’s.  And let’s face it, who doesn’t love a little bling to show off.  😉

I first completed this event in 2013.  This year I completed it 15 pounds heavier than in 2013.  We’ve added one additional child to our family since I last completed this event (9 months ago).  But I was still as under prepared for it as I was the first time.  This time however, I noticed some things.

  1. Runners are a group of pretty AMAZING people.  I was able to chat with a couple of people along the way.  Both of them were battling injuries but were still out there.
  2. Runners come in all shapes, sizes, age and fitness levels.  I was inspired by some of the people I saw out there – passing me on the course no less.  People who were probably almost twice me age.  People who did not fit the “athletic” profile at all.  And some of these people were SO much stronger than me and appeared to run the entire course while I couldn’t even run a full kilometer.
  3. The people of Amherstburg are such friendly people.  There didn’t appear to be quite as many people sitting on the street watching this year as there was 2 years ago.  But the people who were there were so supportive.  Some had music playing for us.  There was a man out with his guitar singing on one of the streets.  Some yelled out words of encouragement.  A boy about 5 stood at the end of his driveway giving everyone “5” as they ran by with a big grin on his face.  Awesome to see during those last few kilometers when you’re ready to give up.
  4. I really run better with some music.  So I will not forget it next time.
  5. It is possible to get blisters from shoes that you’ve worn to train in all summer.  😦
  6. The volunteers along the way were so friendly and awesome.  Words of encouragement.  Telling you how much further you had to go.  One man at a water station was even offering Tim Bits.  LOL.
  7. I CAN do this.  Even though I hate running, I can do it.  And I feel AMAZING once I’m done.  I can battle that fatigue and play the mind games with myself after kilometer #7.  And I want to continue to do these.


I didn’t beat my time from last time but I still beat my ultimate time goal.  Barely.  I can’t wait to do my next race.  Who thought I’d ever say that?  I’d LOVE to do a half marathon, but feel like I need to get my 10K time down first.  I think first though I will do a 5K with my 8-year-old.  He has joined the cross-country team at school this year and LOVES it.  As I continue to foster his love of running I will continue to work towards getting better and faster with my own runs.

Back to School

September always feels like the New Year for me.  Maybe it’s the earlychildhood educator in me who gets excited about the new pencil crayons, or the new markers, the new pens, etc.  This seems to be the time when I make my “resolutions” and this year has been no different.  Though I don’t think I’ll actually call them resolutions, its more like a very long to-do list.  My son started grade 3 last week, and my daughter started Senior Kindergarten yesterday.  In theory I should have started that to-do list.  Instead I did a few “normal” house chores and spent time with the baby.

I have to admit that while the baby was sleeping yesterday I felt kind of lost.  I had that list of things I wanted to do, but I didn’t have anyone asking to play barbies with them,or telling me EVERYTHING about Star Wars.  Even the baby was missing his brother and sister.  When I picked him up after his nap he started at the bedroom door in anticipation.  His siblings ALWAYS run up the stairs to see him after his nap.  He looked a little sad and confused when he realized they weren’t coming to greet him.

So as we begin to settle into a new routine, I hope to actually be able to accomplish those things that I want.  I’ve told hubby that I’m going to work on getting my crafting area cleaned up so I can get back to crafting at least one night per week.  I’m getting Scentsy parties booked again.  I’m trying to get better organized with dinner menus – thank you Pinterest and Velata.  I have a night scheduled to set up to blog.  If I could just find the right time to get my exercising in.  😉